Case Study: Schneider's Saddlery​

Horse lovers world-wide trust Schneider’s Saddlery (SSTack) for all their equestrian needs because of the quality and value of their products. When Schneider’s approached Trinity Insight, they wanted customers to have that same level of trust and ease of service from their website.


To increase cart to checkout progression rates by increasing visibility for call to action elements and a better pricing display.


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increase in cart to checkout progression
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How we accomplished this​

Clear actions and a concise summary yield 3.5% progression increase from cart to checkout. Trinity Insight recommended right aligning the cart summary to give it added emphasis and reducing the number of buttons on the page. In addition the “add to cart” call to action was emphasized and the Schneiders Promise Badge was added to give customers added confidence. This combination was then tested against the previous design to measure the effect.

The page redesign resulted in a 3.5% increase in the progression rate for customers going from the cart page to the checkout page. This resulted in a 3.4 % increase in orders. If the shopping cart has 50,000 visits in a month, with a simulated AOV of $200, the brand will receive incremental sales of over $1.0mm in a 12 month period.

This theme migration has both empowered the end user and transformed how DiBruno Bros. can capture these highly valuable orders. DiBruno Bros. is now not only delivering incredible food and gifts, but also a great online gifting experience as well.