Case Study

1031 Crowdfunding + Trinity
Progression rate increase through new content sections

// 01 About

1031 Crowdfunding
Industry: Real Estate Crowdfunding

Location: Irvine, CA

About 1031 Crowdfunding:
1031 Crowdfunding, LLC is a leading real estate crowdfunding platform for 1031 exchanges and alternative investment vehicles focused on tax-deferral.

// 02 Project

Increase Progressions from “Deals” Page 

The goal in this project was to increase progressions from the popular 1031 Deals page to the Join the Crowd/Register page. By providing both high-level process information, as well as teasing the user with available properties, Trinity created additional content that armed the user with enough knowledge and confidence to progress to membership.

// 03 Approach

New Content Sections

From an initial heat map and Google Analytics analysis, Trinity found that that the second most popular page of the site was the 1031 Deals page. Here, Trinity noted that there was a fair amount of interaction with the “Previous Properties” arrows. The assumption was that the users were scrolling through the Properties carousel in attempt to find more information on “active” properties.
Trinity also noted that there was very limited information on how the 1031 Deals information is provided to members. Therefore, Trinity recommended two new content sections to this page: An “Available Properties” carousel to get the users to engage and get excited about prospective properties, as well as a brief overview section of how 1031 Deals works for members. 
Additional content section explaining what registration/joining the crowd includes

// 04 Results

More Traffic & Higher Progression

37 %
progression rate increase
1.8 %
overall lift in lead generation rate

Not only is 1031 Crowdfunding sending more traffic to their Join the Crowd/Register page, but they are sending an informed audience that will have an increased likelihood of completing the registration process. 

// 05 Platform Support


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"Trinity has been an excellent partner in running these tests. From the original architecture of the concept, creation of the test plan, all the way through to the testing results and deliverable. The level of communication and detail the team provides is what makes the tests so successful. We have been extremely pleased with the internal performance but also the external customer-facing changes we have been able to make have been game-changing."
Jonah Smith
Founder & CEO | Road Ready Wheels

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