Case Study: Pinnacle Promotions​

Pinnacle Promotions is an online leader in promotional products with a vast assortment and vast distribution network. Challenges existed in streamlining the ordering flow due to the complex nature of customization online. Trinity Insight partnered with the brand to solve this daunting issue throughout the shopping funnel.


A redesign of the product page, including greater visibility into reviews, better display of shipping information, and a revised call to action button will result in an increase of progression rate from the product page to customization process.


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lift in conversion rate
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statistical significance

How we accomplished this​

In a 30-day period, the micro-conversion rate of visitors transitioning from a product page to the customize page was 1.04%. Trinity Insight felt that by making some changes to the product page, we could improve the number of people customizing products for purchase. We made the following adjustments to the product page:

  • The font-size on the product title was increased and the color was changed.
  • For items that had product reviews, the average user rating was included just below the product title.
  • The “FREE RocketShip 24-Hr” shipping label was moved to be next to the product price, so that the costs were tied together.
  • The “Order Now” button was changed to a “Customize Now” button and the formatting was changed to increase the visibility

Both product page designs were tested. Over a one week period, tests were run to compare the number of people clicking on the “order now” button on the original product page design with the people clicking on the “customize now” button on the redesigned page. The results were staggering as the new designs more than doubled page efficiency.

  • 1% conversion rate on the original page
  • 2.5% conversion rate on the redesigned page
  • The testing significance calculator indicated 100% confidence that the redesigned page won the test.

This theme migration has both empowered the end user and transformed how DiBruno Bros. can capture these highly valuable orders. DiBruno Bros. is now not only delivering incredible food and gifts, but also a great online gifting experience as well. 

Analysis & Summary

By executing this design within the core site, Pinnacle has been able to drive a 150% increase of users into the next step in the conversion process, driving an upside of $2.0mm in sales per 12 month period.




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