Case Study

Fidelity Life + Trinity
Lead Generation Increase

// 01 About

Fidelity Life
Industry: Life Insurance

Location: Chicago, IL

// 02 Project

Increase Lead Generation on Quote Forms

Fidelity Life was seeing a significant drop-off rate in their funnel when users landed on the “Find My Policies” results page. Their team wanted to find a way to progress users through the quote process by clicking on the “Buy Now” or “Apply Now” CTAs to guide them to their respective lead generation forms. Trinity conducted a CRO test on the Fidelity Life’s “Find Your Policies” page to improve progression and lead generation rate on the quote forms.

// 03 Approach

Verbiage Change

Based on the success on a similar test, the Trinity team decided to test changing the page’s CTA verbiage to less committal language. The hypothesis was that by updating both the “Buy Now” and “Apply Now” button verbiage to “Continue” we would see an improvement in click rate across all devices.

CTA "Buy Now" (Control)
CTA "Continue" (Variation)

// 04 Results

Large Increases in Progression Rate & Lead Generation

52 %
progression rate increase
30 %
lift in "Hello There" form submission
190 %
increase in "Let's Talk" submissions

The variation won this one by a landslide. Not only was there a 53.8% progression rate improvement, but the variation also saw a 31.17% lift in subsequent “Hello There” form submissions and a 200% lift in Let’s Talk for submissions. The design team concluded that by changing the “Buy Now/Apply Now” CTA verbiage to “Continue,” users were more inclined to click into the plan they liked and from there fill out the form. Fidelity Life is now moving more leads through their funnel at a higher rate than before and seeing a lower abandonment rate.


// 05 Platform Support


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"Trinity came to us with an idea to lift conversions on our Product Listing Page. We thought we'd see an improvement with this font and color change; the actual lift far exceeded our expectations. We saw a 50% increase in Conversion Rate for shoppers who interacted with these pages!"
Bill O'Shea
Senior eCommerce Manager

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