Case Study: Footwear Etc. is a retailer of fashionable comfort footwear with great variety, values and customer service. With headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, they’re now celebrating over 30 years of great customer service. Footwear etc is a family run business, which started as one store, but has grown to 13 locations along with their online store.


By redesigning the presentation of options within the product buy box, making all options visible and easier to select, we anticipate seeing and increase to the conversion rate of users on the product pages.


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lift in conversion rate
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statistical significance

How we accomplished this

Trinity Insight implemented an A/B test with the testing platform VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) to determine which presentation of the product page buy box would produce a higher conversion rate with a 95% or higher statistical significance.

Analysis & Summary

This test concluded with results that were statistically significant in favor of the variation. During the life of this test, the Variation provided more clarity on the product page by showing the users all the product options (colors and sizes) in button groups as opposed to dropdown menus. In addition to the clarity, it also improved the usability of the selection process, especially for mobile users who could simply touch the color and size they needed in order to add the item to their cart.