Case Study: Updated Homepage Test

Homepage Redesign Test = 7% decrease in bounce rate

Case Study: Updated Homepage Test

Improving the customer's first impression. is one of the leading auto parts distributors worldwide. We continually focus on meeting customer needs through our extensive selection of quality auto parts, American customer service, and industry-leading warranties. Our company prides itself on its professionals who have worked in all avenues of the automotive industry and can lead you to the right decision for your vehicle.


The homepage featured an outdated look and feel and provided no clear next step. The team at Trinity Insight hypothesized that updating the homepage to a more modern and contemporary look and feel would decrease bounce rate and in turn, lead to an increase in progression rate to product pages via the prominently featured vehicle selection tool.


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Approach & Solution

Trinity Insight utilized the Visual Website Optimizer platform to implement an A/B test in order to determine which presentation of the homepage would lead to the lowest bounce rate.

Final data showed the variation performing with a statistically significant decrease in bounce rate. The redesigned homepage created a positive experience for users and was implemented. Reducing distractions and creating a clear next step (via Year, Make, Model) drove these results.



At, we consider Trinity Insight an extension of our own marketing team. Trinity is a valued partner, and everyone on the team has been a pleasure to work with. Together, we’ve executed dozens of well crafted, data driven tests, focusing on conversion rate optimization, and user experience. From conception and design to analysis and implementation, Trinity has been responsive, and professional. The results we’ve achieved speak for themselves.

Jim Brannen

Buy Auto Parts | VP of Ecommerce